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a failure to be active as a consequence of lack of initiative or ambition

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He'd probably be a good influence on our own kids," I commented, casting a fishy eye toward 12-year-old Jenny, who was preparing to enter junior high, and who also was, even at that tender age, beginning to show ominous signs of shiftlessness.
characterized by "absenteeism, shiftlessness, or malfeasance.
It's Christmas time, my jo, Tom, And Christmas warmth is here, May luck and joy be your lot Thro' all the coming year; May perseverance be your friend And shiftlessness your foe, Many blessings on your brow, Tom, Tom Wallis, my jo.
Her ideal was "a return to Victorian liberal values, but instead of the Victorian virtues of stability and thrift, the result was a largely proletarian society, characterised by shiftlessness ("flexible labor market"), low inflation and high personal debt, where the state now promotes only the interests of the corporate individuals, and suppresses truly "liberal" social forces like unions.
Glasgow defines her yeomanry relationally, making foils of both the elite and the subaltern by rejecting both the opulence of the gentry and the supposed shiftlessness of the poor white.
It is not about a man whose religious allegiance is name for a shiftlessness and fatalism that make him degenerate in poverty and bestial before hunger, nor about a family of rustics who sink in naturalistic anonymity when the religious elevation of their burial rite is over.
Presented, in Adam's crowns, with an immediate instance of astounding subaltern loyalty and magnanimity, Orlando perversely attacks underclass shiftlessness.
when the last obolus had been drawn out of the savings' bank, and there was a dearth of cash, and a plentiful supply of care by way of keeping the balance even, she could no longer keep silence, tightly reined as were Athenian matrons, and proceeded to give Socrates a piece of her mind,--the only gift that, thanks to his shiftlessness, she had it in her power to make to any one.
In such cases, irresponsible criticism risks a return to the mire of its adjective's more conventional meaning, the mire of fabrication, of mere shiftlessness and unreliability, of simply producing work because that is what one is asked to do, to publish regardless of need, regardless of audience.
But his savage attacks against the "municipal shiftlessness and unthrift" of the city government for allowing things to get into such deplorable conditions did not endear him to some.
This ludicrously half-baked policy is ill-judged, unnecessary and entirely unworkable on a variety of levels and, if introduced, might well put the final nail in the coffin of state education given, as it does, the green light to the lazy and feckless to negotiate a persona plan that allows shiftlessness and lack of any progress, while at the same time throwing the exam system into total chaos.
In the case of Clarence's multi-part argument, fatalism and a self-threatening shiftlessness and inability to adapt to new circumstances are initially said to be typical of Indians by nature, who a few sentences later are supposedly causing problems when they return from their relatively brief sojourns abroad imbued with radical ideas and sporting the material rewards of success.
As Estelle Reel put it, the outing system "places the student under the influence of the daily life of a good home, where his inherited weaknesses and tendencies are overcome by the civilized habits which he forms--habits of order, of personal cleanliness and neatness, and of industry and thrift, which displace the old habits of aimless living, unambition, and shiftlessness.
Using theorems being developed by Herbert Spencer and the Social Darwinists, they placed the source of this shiftlessness in biological inferiority.