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Synonyms for shiftless

Synonyms for shiftless

resistant to exertion and activity

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lacking or characterized by lack of ambition or initiative

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1BALOO The Jungle book (1967) BALOO steals the show as Mowgli's shiftless, mentor in Disney's version of Kipling's classic.
In the early 1980s, Conrad began to make such thematizations of power explicit in pieces like Beholden to Victory, an "army film" that implicates its audiences in the dynamics of surly officers and shiftless, insubordinate privates.
Shiftless cowpokes Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward fight giant mutant worms in an endearing tribute to the creature-features of the Atomic 50s - funny, exciting, vastly superior to the knock-off sequels.
This includes the account of the murder of Malcomb Clarke and the wounding of his half-blood son Horace by shiftless, full-blood Blackfeet, after the Civil War.
You find today's youngsters lazy, shiftless, spoilt, pampered, ill mannered louts ...
and 12:40 a.m., HBO) A shiftless bank robber looking to provide for his family crosses paths with an ambitious cop during a heist, changing both of their lives forever.
Her mother is distracted, her father is shiftless, and their apartment is cramped.
So it was no biggie for Ross to go shiftless for his role as Brady in Disney Channel's Teen Beach Movie.
Shiftless squatters and down-and-outs have moved into the empty buildings.
"Now, it may not mean anything to most Americans, but to those of us who are African-Americans, the second word is shiftless and then there's a third word that goes along with it."
Romney's characterization of this mythical slice of lazy, shiftless Americans was wrong.
Don't wear your vagina.") And last, but certainly not least, a major party's nominee for president dismisses nearly half the population of the country he hopes to lead as shiftless freeloaders leading a life of luxury as government dependentsso much so, in this vision, that L'Atelier de JoA'l Robuchon must soon be accepting food stamps along with American Express.
Though states and the national government recognized and rewarded veterans with pensions and soldiers' homes (only 5 percent of Union veterans ever lived in one, twice the percentage of Confederate inmates), the effort to distinguish between those who had served bravely, especially amputees and prison camp survivors, as opposed to "pension sharks" and "coffee-coolers," failed rather like society's attempt to distinguish between the deserving poor and the shiftless (229).
David Munro, defending, said remorseful Asson had lived a "shiftless existence" since being asked to leave the family home two months ago.
But even in what may be called the commonplace, the author collides with circumstances by turns blackly comic, sinister, hilarious, and bleak: a hopeless widow who cannot hang on even to the living that Esti provides her; a shiftless hero who saved Esti's life but refuses to vacate his apartment; a young man suffering through a sinister first kiss from an insane young girl.