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Synonyms for shiftiness

Synonyms for shiftiness

the quality of being a slippery rascal

the quality of being changeable in direction

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Suggesting philosophical changeability and rhetorical versatility, as well as shiftiness, the evocation of Proteus contributes to Philostratus' game of denying that Apollonius was a sophist and magician, while leaving open the possibility that he might have been just this after all.
Kani Benoit adds experience, power and shiftiness to the equation.
So Clinton, despite her so far lackluster campaign, and despite a popular perception of inauthenticity, even outright shiftiness, will probably hang on to her party and scrape through in the end.
This shiftiness is related chiefly to Belloc's engagement with his implied reader (a term used by literary critics to indicate the kind of reader to whom an author addresses a text), and his use of embedded narrative.
By "shuffling," the narrator means to describe "negroes" themselves as evasive or shifty, a shiftiness magnified further by the stanza's insouciant reference to the "Nile or Niger": Timbuktu's location on the Niger had been well established since the fifteenth century, so the "Nile" is a deliberate obfuscation.
Heather Braun has analysed an illuminating connection between Mailer and Nabokov in her perceptive analysis of Lolita and Mailer's story "The Time of Her Time," where the narrator O'Shaugnessy bears a striking resemblance to Nabokov's Humbert Humbert, the narrator of Lolita, in his shiftiness and unreliability (225-32).
These myths, with their volatile nature, their shiftiness and the impossibility of reifying signifiers are fundamental for new readings of the plains and the west.
Despite this figural shiftiness, at one level of the text, Benjamin avails of precisely such amorphous, atmospheric language in outlining the history of aura and its decline.
they prefer rivers of words to a drop of thought, and markets, crossroads, and street corners daily ring with their earth shattering noise as they tie each other into knots with obscurities of riddles and enigmas, arguing with the shiftiness of Proteus or, like bankrupts who borrow to pay their debts, defending quibbles with quibbles.
This paper examines but rejects the suggestion that contrastivism about evidential support is motivated by arguments analogous to those used to motivate contrastivism about knowledge, including skeptical closure arguments, the nature of inquiry, the existence of explicitly contrastive evidential support statements, and the intuitive shiftiness of some binary evidential support statements.
Readers of Barnes's novels will immediately notice that in itemizing Ford's recurrent preoccupations Barnes is tacitly also revealing his own as a writer: "the unreliability of fact, the shiftiness of identity, the vast emotional confusions, the driving power of sex and love, the grand hopes and frequent disappointments" ("Saddest" 3).
for any man; I am an old dial; and shiftiness is the best
Meanwhile, hubby Les adds to the shiftiness when he flies off the handle in The Vic after hearing Emma's been snooping around.
42 seconds with uncanny quickness and shiftiness which enables him to operate effectively in both close confines and the open field.
Clarkson is being compared to Philadelphia Sixers' rising star Michael Carter-Williams for his shiftiness and versatility at playing both guard positions.