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(computer science) register in which all bits can be shifted one or more positions to the left or to the right

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The shift register is responsible for selectively enabling a single prediction state, thus only one bit in the shift register should ever have a value of 1.
A linear feedback shift register includes two parts: one shifting registry composed of one string of bits whose number determines the length of the registry and a feedback function.
A high-speed, four-wire serial interface with up to 25MHz clock frequency, controls each individual channel using a shift register and latch configuration.
The Xilinx DSP solution comprises unique DSP features in its 90nm Spartan-3 series FPGAs such as up to 104 embedded 18x18 multipliers, SRL16 shift register logic, up to 520 Kb of distributed memory, and up to 1.
In addition, the company will validate the use of a handheld, battery-operated multiplicity shift register already developed by Newell and his team.
All memory blocks include extra parity bits for error control, embedded shift register functionality, mixed width mode, and mixed clock mode support.
Additionally, a highly programmable serial LED mode allows flexibility in board design by driving LEDs from a simple shift register remote from the PHY.
A serial to parallel shift register accepts up to a 10-bit data stream, stores the state condition of each output channel, and upon command, latches the input data to enable, or disable, the outputs.
The three new devices each contain 24 Twin Generic Logic Blocks (Twin GLBs(TM)) that provide 192 macrocells of general-purpose programmable logic, along with a 4K bit optimized Memory Module and a programmable Register/Counter Module optimized for read/write register, shift register, counter and timer functions.
Input data is shifted into an 8-bit shift register and retained with an 8-bit latch.
The AT6010 is capable of implementing a 6,400-bit long serial shift register, shifting data at 250 MHz.
The cascadable MX834 electronic ink display driver features a selectable and flexible serial-input, parallel-output digital shift register, and converts digital bits into high voltage positive or negative analog output voltages.
IT CCDs transfer pixel data from images simultaneously into vertical shift registers, which in turn carry pixel information to the horizontal shift register.
The cascadable MX834 features a selectable and flexible serial-input parallel-output digital shift register with level conversion on each parallel output which converts digital bits into positive, or negative analog output voltages.