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(computer science) register in which all bits can be shifted one or more positions to the left or to the right

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The proposed shift register is an example which is shown in Fig.
This process started by generate two large numbers using Pseudo Random Number Generation (PRNG) using Linear Feedback Shift Registers (LFSRs) as in [13] and then followed by primality testing module based on Rabin Miller primality testing algorithm [14].
To normalize the result, a 47-bit reversible Shift Register is to be designed.
Based on the circuit diagram, we have developed the flow-graph and the graph for the Mealy automaton of the automatic pulse control device for the multimotor asynchronous drive with the use of bidirectional shift registers and resistance boxes (Fig.
The shift register is responsible for selectively enabling a single prediction state, thus only one bit in the shift register should ever have a value of 1.
In practice, the pseudorandom number generators used up to present can be divided in the following classes: arithmetical pseudorandom numbers, mathematical pseudorandom numbers, pseudorandom numbers based on feedback shift register, pseudorandom numbers based on chaotic functions.
All boundary scan cells are combined in a shift register with parallel inputs and outputs and generate the serial scan path.
Other features include low charge injections to obtain clearer images and a faster frame rate, 22-ohm switch resistance that minimizes the return signal attenuation and a CMOS serial shift register that minimizes I/O connections and power dissipation.
Products are tracked throughout the system using a shift register, with optional print and code monitoring controls available to guarantee total product security at all times.
The Xilinx DSP solution comprises unique DSP features in its 90nm S partan-3 series FPGAs such as up to 104 embedded 18x18 multipliers, SRL16 shift register logic, up to 520 Kb of distributed memory, and up to 1.
Number 7 on the list is the development of a nanoscale magnetic logic gate and shift register by a team at the University of Durham.
Figure 2 shows the autocorrelation function of a maximum shift register PN sequence of length 31.
Each position has a total value of either 0 or -1, except the position in whic h the pulse exactly fills the shift register.
The ICs contain a shift register, transparent data latches, a metal-mask ROM, and anode- and grid-drivers for controlling a multiplexed vacuum-fluorescent-display cluster.
Input data is serially entered into a 16-bit shift register and then buffered and stored in a 16-bit transparent latch.