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establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment

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Therefore, it is the oldest of all those which shew any part of the New World and also the first which represents the South American continent not joined to Asia as it should be according to Columbus' opinion and as it was often shewn after the year 1526 (Hemisphere of Franciscus Monachus).
Shew bought and oversaw the renovation of a former Richmond Coca-Cola bottling plant, which accommodated expanded presses and subsequent color printing.
Shew has served as group publisher, Human Resources & Payroll since July 2005, where he has initiated new and creative product offerings and custom content solutions.
It was alleged that, while shew as employed as a teacher, Ms Dunning conducted herself in an "inappropriate manner" and, in particular, had sexual intercourse with a pupil in June, 2007.
assigning events to the recall period that occurred prior to or after that period) (Ostrow & Kesseler, 1993; Shew et al.
Esmond first made a name for himself in the 70s and 80s and has played alongside many visiting American artists, such as Bobby Shew and Art Farmer.
Casuals were in front through Tom Shew on 34 minutes before John Bradley levelled the score three minutes later.
At least shew on't beal one on this adventure, as she has convinced her colleague Clare Carter, 25, to join her.
I shew that this translation is preserved at the metalinguistic level, so that equivalent truth conditions can be defined in a tensed metalanguage or an indexical metalanguage.
He is survived by his wife Bessie Shew Parrish, son Stephen, daughter Kathryn Parrish Rowan, granddaughter Jillian Parrish Rowan and brother Lawrence.
With respect to viral clearance, in a review of the literature on HPV relevant to the provision of health care to adolescents, Shew and Fortenberry (2005) suggest that</p> <pre> Most infections (70-90%) are contained by the host immune responses and become undetectable within 6 to 10 months.
Shew said, "We were so excited when we found out that condoms had a role, and it makes sense because condom use has clearly been shown to be associated with more frequent regression in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia.
in the same fashion as they shew and appeare first, to those which come from the sea, which may be knowen by mountaynes, valleys, woodes, hils, cliffes, towres, cities, beakons, or capes, etc.
Other winners for the month were Karen Elshout for photo, Eric Heisler of business for a story pointing out that sometimes base closings help a community, Michael Sorkin for a non-deadline story on the disappearance of consumer advocates in Missouri, Betty Cuniberti for best commentary for a column about pharmacists refusing to dispense non-prescription birth control items, Michele Munz for a sensitive feature on a wedding, a team of three (Tim O'Neil, Robert Goodrich and Elisa Crouch) for deadline coverage of the base closings, Robert Kuechler for best headline, John Shew and Christine Zueck for best page design.