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a neutral middle vowel

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This was still broadly the position of eighteenth-century Tories, who attributed England's corruption and moral decline to government borrowing and "speculation" in stocks, and who denigrated English (Christian) champions of the new financial instruments by labeling them "Jews." Cumberland therefore manipulated Sheva's appearance to make his difference from the English characters visible on the stage.
Cumberland repeatedly highlighted Sheva's difference and foreignness in the play for two good dramatic reasons that, as contemporary critics pointed out, made him its most complex and interesting character.
For instance, when Sheva says, "I am a solitary being, a waif on the world's wide common" (12) who "has been driven mad with sorrow," he is invoking the stereotype of the wandering Jew.
But Frederic is no sooner disowned by his father than he goes to Sheva for a loan.
Sheva, by contrast, secretly uses his wealth to help others; "though he starves himself, he is secretly very charitable to others" (37).
In Sheva, Cumberland was not merely substituting a philanthropic Jew for the evil Shylock, as modern critics have supposed.
Cumberland also used Sheva to make a point about charity itself.
Honor is Sheva's other motive for his extensive charity to Christians, but again his notion of honor differs from what English custom deemed honorable.
For in willing his fortune to the Ratcliffes and "reviving the fortunes of [their] house," Sheva was restoring an ancient family to its proper place in the traditional social hierarchy.