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a broken piece of a brittle artifact

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In contrast, the food crust from the sherd 4245: 1800, is clearly of aquatic origin (Table 2) as attested by the presence of [C.
Penedo dos Mouros Rock-shelter: inventory of pottery; one and three decorated sherds from layers 02 and 05 of Test 1, respectively, not included.
We drew, photographed and documented over 200 pottery and stone artefacts and examined over seventy trays of sherds.
They also confirmed the identities of commodities processed in the original vessels, and indicated those sherds containing optimal concentrations of lipid for radiocarbon analysis.
With regards to the latter, a body sherd from a rim-decorated piece may be incorrectly typed, but even so, the value differences between undecorated and minimally decorated vessels are relatively small.
As we pulled objects for examination, it was clear that when they were first revealed they were standard archaeological artifacts: sherds, debitage, whole vessels.
Based on the same criteria, the Sokoli sherd is also distinct from each of the Ormi artefacts.
Sample 40WM01-1--The sherd from which this thin section was made was initially described, in hand sample, as having a plain (non-decorated) outer surface tempered with finely crushed freshwater mollusk shell.
One sherd of classic dentate-stamped Lapita pottery was also recovered from the site in a disturbed deposit, suggesting that there may be earlier human presence in the area back to 3000 BP.
I ask him if he has any ethical dilemmas, if he wants to pocket the sherd instead.
Polished fragments display a range of colors (black, gray, brown and red; see Table 5) both alone and in combination on one sherd, but black (45%), gray (19%), and brown (12%), are the most frequent (Figure 6).
The two exceptions are one floor tile fragment from Tallinn, and one very coarse sherd from Gubbacka which resembles Iron Age pottery, but has been dated to the 15th century with thermoluminescence (Hel-TLO 4208).
There would seem to be two main possibilities for this pattern of sherd deposition across the site.
It is in the nature of such a catalogue as this that it must be all-inclusive, and give every sherd that has ended up in the BM its due.
Berrowside Road recalls these field names, however, the earliest documentary evidence for Shard End comes from 1327 and 1332 when two deeds note a Thomas and Adam atte Sherd - meaning that the two men lived at a place called Sherd.