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a frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice and sugar, but also containing milk or egg-white or gelatin


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It gave insufficient attention to text and structure of RFRA's actual norms, which indicate independence from Sherbert and Yoder.
Everyone loved meeting Sherbert, the Intu mascot, and we had face painting, games and well needed drinks and lovely cakes to finish off with after our lovely walk.
In 2009 the Barratt's Sherbert Fountain, with liquorice dipping stick, had its traditional paper tube replaced by a plastic one with a twist lid.
The final touch came during the scattering of Donny's ashes down on the beach when the audience had Tootsie Pop hard candy lollipops to dip in a little jar of grey sherbert "cremains", like a sherbert Dib Dab.
Most likely, we'll have a practice (today),'' said Sherbert, whose assistant coaches are Bob Cosenza and Donald Desrochers.
Phosphate Holdings Inc (OTC:PHOS), a Delaware corporation and the sole stockholder of Mississippi Phosphates Corporation, revealed on Thursday that its board of directors has elected James L Sherbert as interim chief executive officer (CEO), with immediate effect.
Tangerine Confectionery, employing 1,500 people, produces many well-known brands such as Barratt Sherbert Fountain, Princess Marshmallows, Taveners and Butterkist Popcorn.
Congress, with the individualized assessment provision, is picking up on the explanation of the Sherbert unemployment line of cases found in Smith.
We maintain that to be 100 percent efficient when we need to be, but we're not dependent on that capacity," Sherbert said.
is no exception," said James Sherbert, president and CEO.
Expertly edited and authored by the academic team of Garry Sherbert (Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Regina), Annie Gerin (Curator and Assistant Professor of Art History and Art Theory in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Ottawa), and Sheila Petty (Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Professor of Media Studies at the University of Regina), Canadian Cultural Poesis: Essays On Canadian Culture is an outstanding 524-page compendium offering in-depth and subject-specific analysis of Canadian art, film, literature, sociology, technology, regionalism, communication, women's studies, and more.
Writing for the unanimous court, Chief Justice John Roberts said that RFRA adopted the "compelling interest" test as set forth in two high court rulings, Sherbert v.
Opening with the sky surfing single Come Save Us as Pink Floyd take on My Bloody Valentine, Bobby Hecksher and the lads throb their way through the sherbert acid bliss of the quintessential J&M Chain sounding 60s retro It's Just Like Surgery and Evil Eyes Again, space-fi doo wop lullaby Angels In Heaven, Angels in Hell, the rohypnol storm of Suicide and barbiturates ballad Bleed Without You Babe.
The blackcurrant and strawberry content of Frobscottle Swiggle, and the Sherbert Slurper containing apple, orange, lime and lemon juices, also make excellent healthy choices that kids will love.