shepherd's purse

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white-flowered annual European herb bearing triangular notched pods

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I rank shepherd's purse {Capsella bursa-pastoris) as one of the most delicious vegetables on Earth.
Joe Murphy, trainer of Shepherd's Purse A lot of ours were coughing until a while ago but they seem to be back to themselves now.
The War Front colt could manage only third at the Curragh, but that effort came against a very promising sort in Shepherd's Purse.
Effective on all sorts of ground and dropping back into Group 3 company, 113-rated Cappella Sansevero sets the standard in tomorrow's contest and gets the vote to beat Ballydoyle's WAR ENVOY, unseen since finishing third, ahead of the below-par selection, in the Railway, and Anglesey third Rapid Applause while Joe Murphy's SHEPHERD'S PURSE, a convincing debut winner just last week looks the dark horse in the field.
Red clover and shepherd's purse twist upward through rusty
Plants like chickweed, Stellaria media; shepherd's purse Capsella bursa-pastoris; and hairy bitter cress, Cardamine hirsute, multiply quickly and are often the first weeds you will notice appearing in your spring garden.
There, he managed to gather enough wild weeds, in addition to a large bunch of shepherd's purse blossom.
Common weeds like shepherd's purse, chickweed, and pigweed are all edible and nutritious.
Some of the local producers that Everly's works with includes micro-breweries such as the Captain Cook Brewery in Stokesley, W Hodgson which has its own trawlers operating out of Hartlepool and a shop in Yarm providing the restaurant's fish and seafood, the Yorkshire Dales Meat Company in Bedale and Shepherd's Purse Cheeses in Thirsk.
Remove bitter cress, wild mustard and Shepherd's Purse and you will cut club root, cabbage root fly and cabbage white butterfly significantly.
Herbs such as Vitex, Lady's Mantle and Shepherd's Purse can all help, but you need to be properly diagnosed and have a tailor-made prescription.
On one wall, the names of spices and botanicals sound like Harry Potter potion ingredients: wormwood, shepherd's purse, myrrh gum, and mugwort.
Chickweeds, orache, spurge, cress, dead-nettle, pineapple weed, mayweed, ragweed, Shepherd's purse, hawkweed, chamomile, and speedwell are just a few of the annual weeds prepared to add massive amounts of seed to those already in the soil seed bank.
IF you have the space, encourage brambles, along with wild and cultivated flowers such as sunflowers, evening primrose, teasel, groundsel and shepherd's purse. They will attract many beneficial insects and provide a source of seeds for birds, particularly from late summer through to winter.