shepherd's pipe

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a small bagpipe formerly popular in France


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a small fipple flute with four finger holes and two thumb holes

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It includes pieces by Berlioz and Tchaikovsky, and John Rutter's Shepherd's Pipe Carol.
Here is a multi-gifted real musician with a fine singing voice and truly convincing acting talents, even to the point of accurately miming his shepherd's pipe to an intricate orchestral oboe solo.
Murat Toraman at shepherd's pipe and Dogukan Cokseker at viola accompanied Ugurlu during his concert where images from Istanbul were also displayed.
96) is in fact the shepherd's pipe, a cor anglais not a true horn, from Tristan and Isolde (does anyone still use that old-fashioned Anglicization?
A new CD called Music for Christmas gathers 22 of his compositions, including the best known Shepherd's Pipe Carol as well as settings of favourites like Silent Night and Away in a Manger.
The dancers wear white robes and a conical hat and twirl to drums and a shepherd's pipe.
The evening will include the Orchestra of the Swan, Chamber Choir, Touch FM as well as Finzi's In Terra Pax, Rutter's Suite Antique, Shepherd's Pipe Carol and Ireland's The Holy Boy.