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a worker who puts things (as books) on shelves

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to market the system, said Clayton Shelver, the company's chief executive....
luggage handler, supermarket shelver, part owner of a baseball
According to Clayton Shelver, vice president of Secure Asset Reporting Services Inc., his father started this Alaskan-owned and -operated business after becoming frustrated by the complexity, expense and perpetual delays encountered during the installation and implementation of a commercial asset management system.
William Mileski's and nurse-manager Martha Shelver's motions for summary judgment.
In my day a librarian was a librarian and an attendant shelver was just that.
One automated feature we especially appreciate: When we do our annual book inventory, the barcode wand will alert the shelver if books are out of order.
After freelancing for Bradley Shelver Contemporary Dance Theater, Bennyroyce Dance Productions, and other troupes, she was looking for a full-time position when a friend suggested she audition for Petronio.
Shelver. "We plan on expanding the assay's use into the detection of triclosan in other environmental matrices and food."
He is working as a licensed acupuncturist and also as a library shelver for Addison (Ill.) Public Library.
SCHOOL LIBRARIAN is the most universally recognized term, but it still conjures up the image (for too many adults) of a stern "sshhh-er and shelver" who glares at young readers over half-glasses.
My past work, including paraprofessional and teen shelver positions, allows me to relate to the experiences of many of my students.
This is what career development is, and this is true across the whole organisation from the library manager to the shelver.
Bradley Shelver also got his tattoos with dance specifically in mind.
So say Weilin Shelver, a chemist, and David Smith, an animal physiologist, in the Animal Metabolism-Agricultural Chemicals Research Unit of ARS's Red River Valley Agricultural Research Center in Fargo.