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shooting artillery shells

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The vehicle Gilkey, 50, and Tamanna, 38, were travelling in was struck by shellfire near the town of Marjah, NPR said.
The city was calmer on Sunday, a monitoring group said, but rebel shellfire hit one area, and there were government air raids on its outskirts.
The hospital itself has also been hit by shellfire.
On Friday, Ukraine said it destroyed part of an armored column from Russia that entered its territory overnight, and said its forces came under shellfire from Russia in what appeared to be a major military escalation between the ex-Soviet states.
Dubai The apparent Israeli shellfire that knocked out the Gaza Strip's only electrical power plant on July 29, 2014, has worsened the humanitarian crisis for the territory's 1.
SGT W B Hannah of the Liverpool Rifles has been awarded the DCM for capturing a machine-gun and taking prisoner a German officer and 25 men, also going out 200 yards under shellfire to bring in one of our wounded.
The strikes followed one of the bloodiest days of Israel's campaign against Gaza militants, with more than 100 people killed in a series of strikes and shellfire across the narrow coastal territory.
where dozens were killed by intensive Israeli shellfire.
The slaughter of the children at Qana in Lebanon by Israeli shellfire in 1996 cost the life of 109 civilians, of them 37 were children.
Killed in action: Hit by shellfire, December |14, 1917, Arras.
While not severely damaged, the Allied ships had mauled the German vessel and destroyed its ship's galley and food provisions, with Langsdorff also left concussed by shellfire.
In November 2010, four people were killed by North Korean shellfire on Yeonpyeong.
Though this weapon had a shield that deflected small-arms fire, it was highly vulnerable to enemy shellfire.
She is now a widow, her husband killed by shellfire.