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Synonyms for shell-less

of animals or fruits that have no shell


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Egg weight, egg mass, broken and shell-less egg production rate, FI, and FCR were not affected by dietary treatments.
According to The Daily Dot, shell-less culturing of chicks and other feathered animals has been studied by scientists as early as 1971, such as incubating an egg in a shell for three days before relocating it to a Petri dish, which is used to culture cells.
Shell-less juveniles and miniature males are typically associated with shallow sites of upwelling (<100 m; Vidal et al.
A new shell-less snail, known as a nudibranch, Chromodoris fentoni, was just described by FWC biologists Nancy Sheridan and Joan Herrera, from a specimen collected by Daniel Fenton of Brandon, Florida.
Abnormal eggs having multiple yolks, shell-less and those with defective shells were recorded.
If these newly shell-less snails were allowed to mature and procreate, would their progeny (in the absence of platinum) still develop shells?
Yellowtail has replaced tuna in the grilled taco appetizer; shell-less crab legs surround the roasted cod; a diced Japanese fish cake is served with spicy chorizo, lentils and a poached egg; and the Spanish paella rice is flavored with salted squid innards and garnished with fresh squid.
Shell-less Nucella lamellosa (Gmelin) from the rocky intertidal of San Juan Island, WA.
Leatherbacks can swim extraordinary distances and dive to extraordinary depths due to their ability to regulate body temperature and their flexible, shell-less, streamlined bodies.