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It often becomes 'shelfware' because companies do not make a clear business case," says McNeill at Giga.
Vector says that PC-Duo will help customers to end the corporate plague known as the 'shelfware' phenomenon, a glut of under-used and unused software costs companies millions of pounds in unnecessary licensing fees.
They've spent money on business applications that quickly become "shelfware." Companies today demand ROI, and want to be completely confident they will get the financial and operational results they expect from their investment.
The amount of shelfware and software doorstops is phenomenal.
It isn't just that most CASE tools became "shelfware," unused by practitioners; it is more a matter of backlash when the claimed benefits turned out to be unachievable.
"Many document management vendors were selling to the C-suite, so there was no incentive to think about the user," says Stephane Donze, founder and CEO of AODocs, "and the result was shelfware. We wanted to develop something dramatically different."
The allure of subscription licencing may be appealing, but many incorrectly believe that issues of shelfware (buying too much software) and non-compliant software use disappear by moving to a subscription model.
Latest Flexera Software & IDC software licensing survey points to increase in 'shelfware' with 56% of enterprises citing unused software as significant proportion of software spend
Overspend on software occurs when the government buys more software than it actually uses - shelfware; when it doesn't fully utilize the software it has a right to use based on its license entitlements; and when the government uses more software than it is entitled to, throwing it out of compliance with its contract and subjecting it to financial penalties from software vendors.
The first offering of its kind in the industry, eGain[R] SLaaS[TM] allows businesses to eliminate two major risk factors in software investment: vendor lock-in and paying for shelfware.
Check for and find ways of using shelfware. There is nothing like the virtual dust gathering on unused items to draw the wagging fingers of CFOs.
The biggest example is shelfware. AoShelfware as a service is the concept of paying for a software subscription that is not being accessed by an end user,Ao said Cearley.
* DeCA used the DoD 5000 documents as its primary program documentation and guides, not just as required "shelfware" paperwork.
Good software and hardware often turns into "shelfware" because you bought it to address the wrong problem, or because your company just wasn't ready for it.
This usually reveals that a lot of packages have become 'shelfware' - either the software is never installed, or it has been installed, but is not really used.