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The Ministry said in a statement that it will disburse 60 percent of the basic salaries of civil servants, military personnel and retirees in the West Bank and Gaza with a minimum of 2000 shekels ($554) in addition to fixed transportation allowance for all civil servants.
Having now served five years in prison, Al-Qawasmi is having his salary doubled by the PA, from 2,000 to 4,000 shekels a month.
Under the deal, 60-year-old Sara would reimburse the state 45,000 shekels (around USD 12,500), Al Jazeera reported quoting the justice ministry.
The largest sums of the budget are earmarked for security with a total of 73 billion shekels, education 64 billion shekels, health 42 billion shekels and national insurance stands at 46 billion shekels, the newspaper said.
Coint must be struck that match the beauty of the ancient Tyrian Shekel and be called Palestinian Shekels or Galilean Shekels.
But Israelis haven't been waiting for their government to act on behalf of beleaguered Syrians: They've already crowdfunded a million shekels (approximately $250,000) for Syrian children.
Bank of Israel and LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co KG (Germany) for its KINEGRAM VOLUME[R] foil stripe on Israel's New 50 Shekels banknote, (Series 'C').
The court ordered that Olmert also pay a fine of 100,000 shekels (one USD equals 3.5 shekels), the radio said indicating that his lawyers planned to appeal the sentence.
31 (BNA): Israeli radio said that the Israeli cabinet will discuss in its weekly meeting today the issue of curtailment of 1 billion Shekels from the budget of all ministries, except the war ministry to cover the expenditures incurred by Netanyahu's government in its aggression against Gaza Strip.
A small water bottle is normally sold for 1.5 Shekels (Dh1.5) and the bigger size bottle is sold for 3.5 Shekels, but the traders added more than 50 per cent to these prices.
McLaughlin, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow IF we have to have our own currency after independence, I hope it's the shekel. I've always liked the sound of having a few shekels in my pocket.
Shalom said that by 2015, the transition to gas-based production is expected save the Israeli economy about three billion shekels (about 850 million dollars) per month.
According to the Prime Minister's office, "infiltrators" send up to 500 million shekels out of Israel every year (about US $140 million).