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the basic unit of money in Israel

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During the course of the second quarter, the shekel strengthened by approximately 1.8 percent against the dollar, and by 0.4 percent against the euro.
Even without a "helping hand" from the Bank of Israel, the shekel weakened from NIS 3.518/$ to NIS 3.588/$ during the month.
There is no denying that Jews did strike their own "Shekel of Israel" during the First Jewish Uprising in 67 AD but it was never a sovereign currency except in the minds of the Zealots who led the uprising.
Continue reading "What's New About the New Israeli Shekel? Two Notes Feature Female Poets: Leah Goldberg and Rachel Bluwstein.
McLaughlin, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow IF we have to have our own currency after independence, I hope it's the shekel. I've always liked the sound of having a few shekels in my pocket.
TEL AVyV (CyHAN)- Israeli Energy Minister Silvan Shalom said Monday that the state's revenues from its newly discovered gas fields are expected to double by 2015 and reach a total of one billion shekel (about 280 million U.S.
But in a report he raised his price target for Isramco to 0.6 shekel from 0.53, his target for Delek Drilling to 15.7 shekels from 14.5 and target for Avner to 2.7 shekels from 2.5.
Global Banking News-November 18, 2010--BNP says value of shekel could rise(C)2010 ENPublishing -
The bank revised its assessment of inflation in the next 12 months upward given the shekel's weakness in the past month, a continued increase in house prices and expansion of housing credit, and planned tax increases, the central bank said.
South Africa's rand, Israel's shekel and the Turkish lira will outperform eastern European currencies as investors shift assets to emerging markets less vulnerable to the debt crisis in western Europe, BNP Paribas SA said.
The EU crises has led to the euro falling to its lowest level against the shekel in seven years, and a four year low against the US dollar.
The dollar and the Jordanian dinar are both used for some transactions, though the Israeli shekel is most commonly handled in day-to-day cash transactions.
Weights are given by the shekel, that in this period was not a minted coin but a measurement of weight equivalent to about two-fifths of an ounce.
I said, 'What is this?' He said, 'Please, for God's sake, one shekel. I want to eat!' Other children later started following us when we were walking, 'Please, a shekel, a shekel.' I was offended and humiliated to watch Palestinian children turn into beggars."