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Synonyms for sheikh

the leader of an Arab village or family

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Sheik Amor ben Khatour drew himself up to his full height.
Only when The Sheik was near was she quiet and subdued.
As she sat there this day before The Sheik's goatskin tent, fashioning a skirt of grasses for Geeka, The Sheik appeared suddenly approaching.
When she was sure The Sheik had gone, the little girl crawled to the shady side of the tent, where she lay quite still, hugging Geeka close to her breast, her little form racked at long intervals with choking sobs.
Little Meriem could scarce recall any other existence than that of the stern cruelty of The Sheik and Mabunu.
The Sheik would be there, doubtless, and if he saw her it would be but another opportunity to abuse her, so Meriem lay still and listened.
Presently she heard the crowd moving up the street toward The Sheik's tent.
The Sheik returned to his tent; but he did not enter it.
With a final vicious cuff he knocked the child into a far corner of the tent, where she lay stifling her moans, while The Sheik paced to and fro muttering to himself.
The tool they selected after a stay of several days in their camp outside the village was a tall, old headman of The Sheik's native contingent.
The old sheik entered the room with a questioning expression upon his proud face.
In addition to Tarzan, Abdul, the sheik, and his daughter were four of the wild plainsmen of the sheik's tribe who had accompanied him upon the trip to Sidi Aissa.
The old sheik was much relieved to find that neither Tarzan nor Abdul had received a scratch.
"Why did you not tell me that you contemplated ambushing those fellows?" asked the sheik in a hurt tone.
The sheik had urged Tarzan to accompany him, and the girl had added her entreaties to those of her father; but, though he could not explain it to them, Tarzan's duties loomed particularly large after the happenings of the past few days, so that he could not think of leaving his post for an instant.