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plate iron thinner than tank iron

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Every tracked item in the Clancy catalog increased in price by 1917, from a relatively modest 7 percent jump for the hickory belaying pins and 30 percent jump for the sheet iron fire logs, to fully doubled prices for the grass mats and wire gas screens.
However, this year is different, whereby the shops and big hotels' orders for lanterns made of sheet iron have started to increase a month before this Ramadan, Saeed said in an interview with Daily News Egypt.
coals spilling out of the sheet iron bucket into the iron scuttle
Frank P Mee, who worked next door at Francis Browns sheet iron works as a young man, liked the scent.
The original hand, carved from wood, was lost to ruin by woodpeckers and weather, but the present, more durable hand, made of 24-gauge sheet iron and weighing 200 pounds, dates from 1901.
Constructed of sheet iron, the helmet, once decorated with gold leaf, is the only one to have been found in Britain with its silver gilt plating intact and is also one of the earliest ever found in Britain, the Daily Mail reports.
On the left were ramshackle sheds for storing sheet iron. Piles of wrought iron bars lay on the ground.
Kinver was once noted for the manufacture of both coarse and fine narrow woollen cloth, and it now has several forges for the manufacture of bar, rod, and sheet iron.
American Pulverizer manufactures a complete line of shredders and crushers for reducing automobiles, white goods, sheet iron, turnings, aluminum scrap, tires, glass, wire, cable, C&D wood, etc.
Essar plans to build a factory with an annual capacity to process 2 million tons of iron ore into pellet as a basic material for sheet iron, Ansari said.
1 factory clips, bundles or sheet iron, materials that can be bent.
The lamp chimney is about three inches from the sheet iron or other metal subflooring (E).
With a class longing that grows out of his own lowly economic status, he even admires Harriet's "three decked stove, sheet iron stovepipe, and large wooden cupboard"--all of which stand against his own "rude, whitewashed cabin." More importantly, Moses is attracted to Harriet's voice, which sounds like song.
He had been a sheet iron worker at Yarrow, Fairfields and John Brown's shipyards and was due at the High Court in Edinburgh this month to fight for compensation.
The tracery is backed by punched sheet iron; the buttresses are built out by layers of crockets and mouldings riveted on to the front.