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Japan Advisory had its business registration revoked by the Financial Services Agency in June for its involvement with insider trading of Nippon Sheet Glass shares based on information provided by the Daiwa official.
13 October 2011 - Rating and Investment Information (R&I) dropped Thursday the BBB preliminary rating on Japanese glass producer Nippon Sheet Glass Company Ltd's (TYO:5202) JPY50bn (USD648.
Glass bricks or blocks cost considerably less than tempered sheet glass and vandal-proof specialty glass windows.
SERVICE BUSINESS: Sheet glass business focusing primarily on profitable commercial business in fastest growing area of Missouri.
In fiscal 2007, Nippon Sheet Glass boosted group sales 27.
1 billion yen (pounds 287 million) management buyout of an LCD glass venture jointly owned by Japan's Hoya Corp and Nippon Sheet Glass.
This case is closely linked to proceedings begun in March this year concerning flat glass, when statements of objections were sent to Pilkington of the UK, part of the Japanese firm Nippon Sheet Glass, French firm Saint-Gobain and Glaverbel, the Belgium-based unit of Japan's biggest glassmaker Asahi Glass (see Europolitics 3268).
The Pallion factory manufactures specialist glass products, such as laboratory beakers and flasks and rolled sheet glass used in car headlights.
ANOTHER British company has fallen into foreign hands after Nippon Sheet Glass bought glass-maker Pilkington yesterday.
Nippon Sheet Glass revealed it had agreed to buy the remaining 80 per cent of Pilkington it did not own to expand its global reach.
75p to 157p on news that Japan's Nippon Sheet Glass is in discussions over a potential takeover of the company.
The Nippon Sheet Glass Company, who already own 20 per cent of the 180-year-old firm, upped their over to pounds 2.
Pilkington told Nippon Sheet Glass that the proposed offer of pounds 1.
will raise sheet glass prices for construction by an average 10 percent and mirrors and other processed glass products by an average 5 percent, effective Oct.
Engelhard's collaboration with Prizmalite complements an alliance formed last year with Nippon Sheet Glass that concerns use of metal-oxide coating technologies to develop new special-effects pigments.