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Synonyms for sheer

Synonyms for sheer

to turn aside sharply from a straight course

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

so sharply inclined as to be almost perpendicular

Synonyms for sheer

turn sharply

complete and without restriction or qualification

not mixed with extraneous elements

Related Words

very steep


Related Words

straight up or down without a break

References in classic literature ?
His body was all swollen, and his mouth and nostrils ran down like a river with sea-water, so that he could neither breathe nor speak, and lay swooning from sheer exhaustion; presently, when he had got his breath and came to himself again, he took off the scarf that Ino had given him and threw it back into the salt {54} stream of the river, whereon Ino received it into her hands from the wave that bore it towards her.
It is all done out of sheer rectitude--out of a rectitude which is magnified to the point of the younger son believing that he has been RIGHTLY sold, and that it is simply idyllic for the victim to rejoice when he is made over into pledge.
I believe I went to sleep there from sheer exhaustion.
Santos was upon me next instant, and him, by sheer luck, I managed to serve the same; but I doubt whether either man was stunned; and I was standing ready for them to rise, when I felt myself seized round the neck from behind, and a mass of fluffy hair tickling my cheek, while a shrill voice set up a lusty scream for the squire.
It is impossible for me to convey any idea of the overpowering beauty and grandeur of these pillars of white spar, some of which were not less than twenty feet in diameter at the base, and sprang up in lofty and yet delicate beauty sheer to the distant roof.
He was more alive, there was an excitement in sheer being, an eager vehemence of soul, which made life now a trifle dull.
For we feel how it is; but what's all this- sheer robbery
What lay beyond I could not even guess--possibly a sheer drop of hundreds of feet into the corresponding valley upon the other side.
Again and again he slipped back from sheer exhaustion and would have fallen to the floor of the canyon but for merest chance.
The sea was breaking on the few yards of beach sheer below the windows.
His hands were bony claws, his emaciated face a sheer death's-head.
With a sudden twitch and lurch, he terminated the sheer and bore off to the right along a sort of canal, one bank of which was the bed, the other the table.
I have witnessed the deaths of old and young, and even infants, from sheer starvation.
The supernatural influences that some of us felt when we first slept in this hotel-- your loss of appetite, our sister's dreadful dreams, the smell that overpowered Francis, and the head that appeared to Agnes--I declare them all to be sheer delusions
Ezekiel Thrifft, a minister of the gospel, now in the service of the great manufacturing firm of Skinn & Sheer.