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the time or season when sheep are sheared

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a festival held at the time sheep are normally sheared

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act of shearing sheep

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The sheepshearing, too, is no roisterous romp but a comically desultory affair whose tone is set by Natalia Fomenko's mousy Dorcas.
Not surprisingly Hamlet as son, avenger, and moralist is the first character so examined, followed by Hal's contrasting roles of prince and king, then Rosalind, pretending not to be and then to be herself, and finally Perdita, reluctantly acting out her own unrecognized destiny as queen of the sheepshearing.
2) Pierce College herdsman Bill Lander demonstrates sheepshearing.
He hunted small game with his father, helped at the sheepshearing, and took long, solitary walks up to the old stone sheep kraal on the hillside.
Regarding the mixture of seasonal flowers, one wishes that Alpers, who is concerned about the precise time of year of the sheepshearing festival, and who is a master interpreter of Spenser's The Shepherd's Calendar, could have discussed the presence in summer-time Bohemia of carnations and streaked gillyvors which appear as both the fairest flowers of the season and as nature's bastards, two kinds of flower which Spenser, calling them `gelliflowers' and `coronations', uses in his April eclogue.
The sheepshearing ostracon sent to Uriah contains a postscript to Ahutab: "We shall feed on this bread until tomorrow, (Sabbath) eve.
Other highlights were sheepshearing competitions and demonstrations of country skills - including dry stone walling, fly fishing and gundog training.
A SCOT is celebrating after winning the world sheepshearing championship.
If you hate the English so much then just p**s off and stop milking our hard earned money to fund your sheepshearing and sheepdog competitions.
OCTOBER 11: There'll be a best beard competition, a sheepshearing show, a craft barn and more at Wasdale Head Show and Shepherd's Meet in Cumbria.
Young audiences will meet a shepherdess and her sheep at a sheepshearing party where a lost baby is found, and will embark on a voyage of discovery, with clues to help them along the way to a happy ending.
His idea is to break away from the Tories' English image and use a word like Ymlaen - forward - as their new dragonwaving, hymn-singing, sheepshearing, bara brith-baking slogan.
uk WALES TODAY: Little ones will love the barber's shop with a difference as Cantref Adventure Park hosts its 'Woolly-tastic' sheepshearing day with Farmer Ken.
SEPTEMBER 24-25: Watch sheepshearing, tuck into the "Baa BQ", dance off the calories with country dancing or listen to the male voice choir at the Llandovery Sheep Festival in Carmarthenshire.