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The community foundation locally is part of a philanthropic network of 48 foundations across the UK, which is chaired nationally by David Sheepshanks.
Tim Stimpson, James Golding, Arabella Arkwright, David Sheepshanks CBE, Jean-Pierre Meersseman and Stefaan Vossen at the |opening of the Core Health and Wellness at Hatton Technology Park
Mr Sheepshanks said: "Dunkin' Donuts is one of the world's most iconic brands, with a long history of offering high-quality beverages and baked goods at great value for its guests around the world."
Sheepshanks has overseen as chairman the PS105million St George's Park development opened by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Sheepshanks made it clear that future generations of England managers should be English, but admitted they may be taught by foreign experts.
Former Ipswich chairman Sheepshanks, who has overseen the development of St George's Park since 2008, is adamant that it will serve as a hub for the development of homegrown coaches.
Sheepshanks said Sir Doug's bequest will be "gratefully accepted" when the correct water level for trout to prosper is reached in the lakes.
It is that kind of decision the FA are aiming to remove the need for with their grand pounds 105m St George's Park project in Burton, of which Sheepshanks has been made chairman.
Sheepshanks' intervention - saying "knee-jerk reactions never work" - is a reflection that the opinion is now changing to be pro-Capello staying.
Sheepshanks, the former Ipswich chairman said: "Fabio is one of the world's best managers - and a month ago I don't think you'd have heard many people disagree.
Sheepshanks, the former Ipswich chairman, said: "Knee-jerk reactions never work.
IPSWICH chairman David Sheepshanks last night tipped George Burley to be a hit with Scotland - almost six years after he sacked him.
Football Association board member David Sheepshanks has voiced his concerns over the location and cost of a National Football Centre being built at Burton-on-Trent.
Ipswich chairman David Sheepshanks, whose club has a history of community work, has supported the PfS scheme at Portman Road since September 2001.