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like or suggestive of a sheep in docility or stupidity or meekness or timidity


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Tell -tale signs: sheeplike trails in the undergrowth; crumbly soil covering holes; gnawing of materials.
Delirious from the heat and four-hour drive, I stumbled over the sand following the other tourists in sheeplike fashion when suddenly I saw a massive figure jutting out of the rock.
A related problem is that her claim for autonomy overlooks the extent to which people are sheeplike, going with the social flow willy-nilly, in a manner that makes the voluntary/involuntary distinction problematic in application to their conduct.
The tone of the article is such that the many sheeplike parents out there begin thinking, "Sheesh, we really ought to make personal fireworks illegal.
The progressive authors of much of America's patriotic iconography rejected blind nationalism, militaristic drumbeating and sheeplike conformism.
It's actually a hard question to ask anywhere, as it usually elicits a sheeplike stare among most in the audience.
Some of the sheep have begun to act decidedly less than sheeplike, as students refuse to go along with the tests.
A challenge was expected from the far right, demanding a more aggressiveanti-EU stance and less sheeplike following of continental centre right MEPs.
the credulous lobbyists "who believe that the gimlet-eyed frauds who run the country actually look to them for guidance" ("Kept Illusions"), and the sheeplike Democratic voters who find continuing fulfillment by supporting the lesser of two evils ("The Strange Death of Liberal America," "We Were Wrong: Why I'm Not Voting for Clinton").
Repeating Benouville's exhortations in the preface to think for oneself and commenting on the sheeplike nature of most people, Zurac protests against the attempted colonization of his mind when his master wanted to "regner dans mon interieur et decider de mes pensees" ["reign in my heart and determine my thoughts"] (218) and remarks: "Mon Maitre ne m'a fait apprendre a lire, que pour m'insinuer par la lecture, les prejuges de sa Nation; mais il n'a pas reussi .
Most of us trudge sheeplike through airports, readily complying with all the demands of low-level security personnel, who are themselves applying, without question, the dictates of their superiors.