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like or suggestive of a sheep in docility or stupidity or meekness or timidity


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About Sullivan Higdon & Sink's FoodThink: 2013 AdAge Small Agency of the Year - Midwest and 2014 BMA Midsize Agency of the Year, Sullivan Higdon & Sink is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that hates sheeplike communications, with offices in Kansas City, Wichita and Washington, D.
Still, they followed the mob, sheeplike, shouting that someone had told them she was a bitch.
Perhaps there was a time before TV when travel really did broaden the mind but watching herds of sheeplike tourists gawping at some bricks, you might be inclined to think Karl is the sane one here.
were bred in Austria and Hungary to have sheeplike coats.
In interpreting the creature, it is with playful tongue in one's cheek that we note the sheeplike top-crop of woolly hair, assumedly white, perched on the head of this "white" rhino (note the wide lip).
One item called Prankety Prank saw an unsuspecting member of the sheeplike audience face a panel of C-list celebrities - cue Jim Bowen.
He pulled out all stops to get his sheeplike council colleagues to stand in the way of implementing the disclosure rule, even though no one expects the federal court to back down.
I responded, "Jesus calls us to be sheep among wolves, so that the wolves become sheeplike.