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a pen for sheep

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Drunken Robert King jumped into a sheep pen, chased lambs being kept there, and tried to stab them, Ayr Sheriff Court was told.
The slightly built but powerful right-hander rocked a 420-foot home run at Antelope Valley that cleared the left-center field fence and landed into a sheep pen.
There would be exercise equipment installed in every sheep pen to extend the lives of obese sheep that had been fattened for the mutton gluttons, who should have been eating veggies in the first place.
The new face in the team this year is broadcast journalist Catrin Haf Jones, who is covering the sheep pen competitions.
There is also a small enclosure that looks like a sheep pen in the luggage area.
Contract award: placing fences intended to close the site of the exhibition "the first farms" protect wild boars and create the walls of the maze, as well as serving as a sheep pen, horse paddocks, pens to sanglochon.
Relaxing in the sheep pen once the competition was over
After bragging rights in last weekend's derby, and the appointment of their unlamented former manager in the sheep pen along Brian Clough Way, it took just two minutes for Forest to locate the gift that keeps on giving.
Two already had been born when we peeped into the sheep pen Tuesday.
Summary: When Nasser Qaout went to investigate strange sounds in his sheep pen late at night, a gang of armed thieves shot him in the leg and made off with half his flock.
During the third week we opened the gate to allow the burro into the sheep pen while we were inside to see her reaction.
My mum and dad didn't know about the calendar until they drove past on the farm road to see me, my brother and our neighbour stark naked in the sheep pen.
The Arts Council were blasted in July 1996 when they announced an award of pounds 342,000 to repair and reconstruct a sheep pen in traditional stone in Cumbria.
The challenges this week included a quad bike driving challenge, an information challenge and building a sheep pen.
The final activities of the weekend were team-building exercises where cadets had to work in small teams to successfully complete the tasks, ranging from the spider's web to bridge building and a blind-folded sheep pen to negotiate.