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"It was the Scottish Sheep Dog Society which nominated him for the Countryfile One Man and His Dog competition."
"I drive to events all the time and my love for sheep dogs has even seen me judge in Australia, Brazil and the Czech Republic."
It was often inside the tapetal area (19.69%, n=13) especially in breeds like Old English Sheep dog, Neapolitan Mastiff and Saint Bernard.
Sitting under one of the tents, Martha Harden said she had never before seen a sheep dog trial.
Shepherds test out their skills in this annual event run by The International Sheep Dog Society.
A different tone whistle can be used to direct different dogs, so that each one knows which the whistle command applies to, but techniques like that are usually only seen at the higher-level sheep dog trials.
Q Over the last year, our Old English sheep dog Molly has gone almost blind.
Though collies generally make excellent sheep dog, Ci the Border Collie is the exception to the rule.
Miss Mann said: "Joshua was stroking the sheep dog, Rossie, when the dog jumped up and latched onto his face.
She adored her Old English Sheep Dog (OES) "Haley", and was a devoted member of The Old English Sheep Dog Rescue.
SHEEP dog, falcon and hound displays were among the entertainment celebrating rural life at a Midland country show.
He proceeded to buy a Great Pyrenees sheep dog, who was a big bundle of white for when he arrived.
The cartoon centres on a group of children and a hairy Old English Sheep Dog.
I also would be extremely surprised if sheep don't recognize the different barks of a sheep dog.