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a liquid mixture containing pesticides in which sheep are dipped to kill parasites

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At least 500 farmers across the UK were left with debilitating health problems after using OP sheep dips, among them Welsh border farmer David Layton of Llwyngwilliam.
The Sheep Dip Pollution Reduction Programme was launched last week by The Environment Agency and Veterinary Medicines Directorate following consultation with farmers, anglers and conservation groups.
BAPTISMS in a sheep dip are proving popular at a Coventry church.
It is clear that it is not only farmers using sheep dips who have been affected.
Mr Rooker said it was important everyone buying sheep dips knew how essential it was to use and dispose of dips properly without causing harm to themselves, wildlife and the environment.
Despite a persistent and vigorous campaign against the use of OP sheep dips, supported to some extent by established bodies such as the House of Commons Agriculture Committee, the government has resisted all calls to limit the availability of OP products.
Sheep dips contain organophosphates and can be toxic to humans and aquatic life.
Agency investigators also found high levels of diazinon - a common component of organphosphate or OP sheep dips - in the soil of a field next to his farmyard.
Discussing the decision taken by the Government earlier this year to suspend marketing authorisations for sheep dips containing cypermethrin, Ed Bailey said, 'As a union, we were very concerned by this decision.
THE Green Party has called for the banning of a dangerous substance being used in sheep dips.
MORE than 14,000 British farmers have suffered irreversible health problems from sheep dips made with organophosphate pesticides.
From today a certificate of competence will be needed for buyers of all sheep dips in an effort to protect wildlife and the environment.
Many scientists believe hundreds of farmers have been made ill by exposure to OP sheep dips.
Since 2003 there has been considerable disquiet raised by the Environment Agency and other interested parties (such as the Salmon and Trout Association) about the increased number of water pollution incidents resulting from the use of pyrethroid sheep dips in Wales and certain English regions, especially the North-West and North-East.
It said, 'Following evidence that the use of cypermethrin sheep dips is causing environmental pollution in watercourses, Ministers have decided to suspend their marketing authorisations.'