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an entire system

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After being weighed down by the redtape and fees incurred through its bank following the restructure, Shebang sought an alternative source of finance.
Hill said she isn't sure what's next for her or her five employees, nor for the members of Shebang and other customers.
On cosmic size scales ranging from individual galaxies to the whole shebang, the distribution of dark matter provides clues about this substance's nature and past.
The whole shebang came down, in other words, because of Roseanne and Gloria Steinem, not because of Islamic Jihad and Mohammed Atta and his virgin-seeking squadron of flyboys.
The regional assembly dream is well and truly buried, thanks to voters who agreed en masse that the whole shebang was nothing more than an overly expensive gravy train designed to benefit no one aside from self-interest politicians and oily carpetbaggers out for a quick profit.
The dance guy had become the boss man--the artistic director, the Diaghilev-like impresario of the entire shebang.
What has held me back so far has been electronics to control the whole shebang, but I have recently taken some steps to finally bring my surround-sound setup to actualization.
Not only is he expected to have a full understanding of every last nut and bolt on his car, but he's also expected to be an able manager of the whole shebang.
Computers interconnected through a network and running clustering software so that the whole shebang acts like a single big computer- that is a cluster.
But, alas, the heavens continued to open and the whole shebang was put off for 24 hours.
The approved plans filed with the Building Department were not followed, sources said, and while the joist size was also increased, it was all improperly braced, so when concrete was poured over a steel deck that substituted for a wood floor, the whole shebang collapsed.
We had a customer who really wanted to be kind to the Earth," says Sasha Souza, who runs The Whole Shebang in Pleasanton, California.
The reimbursement from Medicaid and Medicare forms the base of most facilities' operating budget; in some, it's the whole shebang.
His canvass is wide and includes the theory of the Big Bang, the dynamism of the universe, the shape of space, the origins of the chemical elements, the mystery of the clumping together of the stars and galaxies, the search for a "Darwinian" explanation of the history of the universe, the hope of finding one unified theory to explain everything, how quantum mechanics works and why it suggests there may be many universes, and how humanity, the source of all these theories, fits into a scientific explanation of the whole shebang.
This summer, I hope to have a family get-together--the whole shebang," he says.