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Synonyms for sheaf


Synonyms for sheaf

a package of several things tied together for carrying or storing

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Much like an automobile fan belt, a single serpentine belt transmits the drive energy from the motor to sheaves that turn both the upper and lower puller belts.
The skip headframe, together with the rope sheaves and steel structure, is an integral part of a semi-mobile or stationary gyratory crusher station, with a feed bin, crusher and discharge conveyor (See Figure 4).
It starts from the winch (not shown, but it would be off to the left of the diagram), is muled toward sheaves at the top and bottom of the arbor, and is terminated at the head block or the muling block, respectively.
This amount of parallel offset renders a 5[degrees] angular belt misalignment between the two sheaves when the center distance is fixed at 10.
The grain was left in the field in the shocks to "sweat" for about a week, and then the sheaves were pitched onto the old Chevy flatbed truck and hauled into our barn.
That causes excessive wear and tear on the crane hoist cables and hook block sheaves.
The geometric feature of this continuous morphism and change of base space are used to study some properties concerning the formal microstructure sheaves.
In particular, we read of the dream of Pharaoh, where he saw the seven thin sheaves of corn consuming the seven fat sheaves of corn and becoming no fatter, then the seven thin cows eating the seven fat cows and again becoming no fatter.
Maska's sheaves and bushings complement our Dodge line with each having success in different parts of the market.
Nicolaescu takes a more modern perspective on algebraic subjects, including sheaves and pre-sheaves, and a more abstract approah to connections in fiber bundles.
The Alliance can, and will, fill the void," said Alliance Chairman John Sheaves.
Then, for any i [greater than or equal to] 0, there is a natural isomorphism of sheaves over Y
The segments of the five-meter diameter pulley wheels, or sheaves, were cast by Quadrant Engineering Plastics (Quadrant EPP) in its own Nylatron GSM, a highperformance filled caprolaetam that reacts to form nylon 6 during the moulding process.
This configuration requires sheaves, belts and jackshafts to lower the speed to 600 to 700 RPM, which is ideal for a 60-inch or 80-inch mill.
This pocket sized manual includes specific user information on belts, sheaves and bearings.