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Synonyms for sheathing

a thin outer covering of an object

Synonyms for sheathing

protective covering consisting, for example, of a layer of boards applied to the studs and joists of a building to strengthen it and serve as a foundation for a weatherproof exterior

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Too high and the moisture driven out of the back side of the reservoir cladding into the air space will blow through the layer and through the gypsum sheathing and into the wall cavity where it can cause problems.
There are several reasons why Trinity Custom Homes chose to change their home sheathing wrap and tape products to AdvanTech's Zip System.
The new building will house the production line for LP's fire-rated sheathing product, it said and added that it selected the Clarke County mill as it has a strong workforce and performance in manufacturing commodity OSB, from all aspects.
Typically, sheathing problems are isolated to small areas, but old plank sheathing presents more of a challenge.
LP FlameBlock Sheathing delivers all the advantages of plywood without cupping, warping, splitting or delamination.
Installing flanged windows over foam sheathing goes back to Deep Purple and "Smoke on the Water.
Make sure the coil stock slips under the sheathing wrap above, and drapes over the sheathing wrap below the ledger.
The stripping tool we're using is unique because it combines both sheathing removal and wiring stripping in one tool (Photo 1) and works perfectly for both tasks.
So, by reducing heat transfer from the attic, TechShield sheathing can increase comfort levels within the home while reducing cooling energy use.
Mixer controls are also often incorporated directly into this sheathing enclosure.
As opposed to traditional engineered design, the Perforated Shear Wall Method does not neglect the contribution of structural sheathing above and below openings and stipulates mechanical overturning restraints at the ends of the entire wall only.
Huber Engineered Woods LLC, leading manufacturer of innovative building solutions, is unveiling a new advertising campaign for its ZIP System([R]) wall sheathing called "BUILD A MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME WITH ZIP SYSTEM WALL SHEATHING.
60 cold water fittings DN15-150 vapor diffusion-proof foam insulation with sheet metal sheathing.
That way the film is supported on both sides--it is sandwiched typically between OSB/plywood/gypsum structural sheathing on one side and the continuous insulation layer on the other.
Mixer controls are also often incorporated into this sheathing enclosure.