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female goat

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The chimera in Greek mythology was an awesome monster with a head and body of a lion, the head of a she-goat and a serpent's head in place of a tail.
His Boy Leading a Horse (1906), considered an icon of modern art, and his whimsical sculpture She-Goat (1950) among them.
Although you have to admit the sight of Marvin trying to seduce a she-goat to the strains of Let's Get it On is mildly amusing, quite how they managed to sneak so many bestiality gags into a 12 certificate film makes you ponder exactly how far gross out comedy has pushed the censorship envelope.
Mr Adam also wants the amount of the premium per she-goat to be increased to Euro 20 from the Commission's proposal of Euro 16.
All of them have high-falutin' names like the Coaxer, the Fireworks, the Waves Of The Sea and the Young She-Goat.
11 When he-goat and she-goat are together, it is the male that is smelly: Ov.
in the livestock sector, the special premium and the suckler cow premium in the beef and veal sector as well as the ewe and she-goat premium including the LFA-supplement, in the sheep and goats sector.
Frank said: "He is being very closely watched in case he is lured away into the Kerry hills by local she-goats.
Raised he-goats and she-goats and get-at-your-goats--