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a cruel woman

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And all these scenes of violence came and went accompanied by the unrefined noise of deep vociferations proceeding from a man wounded in his paternal pride, declaring himself obviously accursed since one of his kids was a "slobbering idjut and the other a wicked she-devil.
This was such language indeed as I had not been used to, and I was here beaten out of all my measures; I had a she-devil in my bosom, every hour telling me how great her brother lived.
So, anyone wearing wings and fishnet stockings will be filling up the streets this year, but so will witches, she-devils and slutty versions of “Frozen” characters.
Det Gda Cribbin said the premises were advertised as Monkey Business, She-Devils and Centrefold Girls in In Dublin magazine.
Of the white she-devil they said that when the sheep looked at her their babies dropped out of their wombs, and of the golden-haired child of the she-devils they said that anyone who looked at her would be blinded and would never be able to look at another woman as long as he lived.
A total press magnet in '94, the Stop the Insanity lady mostly fascinates me by the uncanny way she acted out the She-Devils housewife revenge-fantasy in real life.
One remembers the pathetic sight of Meryl Streep at the end of She-Devils, when the black-turtlenecked, newly ascetic authoress makes a personal appearance at a mall, and no one cares or comes.