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At 15 she made her way to American Dance Festival, then housed at Connecticut College, and took the Graham Christmas course her senior year in high school.
Early on, she was rehearsal mistress for the Merry-Go-Rounders, a company that danced for children, often sitting out to watch so she could critique the performances.
I kind of hit on her at the meeting," says Loken, after she got dressed, "and there it starts.
But she actually comes on pretty strong--which is probably a lot of Kristanna coming through.
She wasn't laughing or smiling, so they didn't either.
And the longer the lid stayed off that box, she thought, the more they would always think of her as the girl with the prosthetic leg, the more they would wonder if she wasn't doing a conditioning drill because her leg hurt or if she was just using it as an excuse to get out of running.
She loved being able to practice medicine in a business of her own creation.
Reynolds crunched numbers with her business advisor and had her first taste of real fear when she faced the risky decision of forging ahead instead of abandoning her dream.
I'm looking to ease on out," she says, while also working to expand her business nationwide.
She worked the fashion show at Versailles in 1973, where black designer Stephen Burrows sent a group of black models down the runway during the battle between French and American designers--a breakthrough in the history of black models.
She also believes in the Guiding Principle of "Countless unseen details are often the only difference between the mediocre and the magnificent.
We are challenged to pursue excellence in all professional endeavors, and provided with a rich network of colleagues, ideas, and tools to help reach those goals," she says.
Recounting that time from her current job as operations manager at Natural Home Cleaning Professionals--a Latina immigrant cooperative in Oakland, California--Coral, now 26, says she used state waivers to apply to several colleges.
Clarkson, one crisp day in early November, more than a month after she retired as Canada's 26th governor general.
In 1990 she joined Citigroup and is currently Senior Vice President.