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Synonyms for shaving

Synonyms for shaving

the act of removing hair with a razor


a thin fragment or slice (especially of wood) that has been shaved from something

the act of brushing against while passing

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Just as this change had been effected, there presented himself for shaving, a big, burly, good-humoured coal-heaver with a pipe in his mouth, who, drawing his hand across his chin, requested to know when a shaver would be disengaged.
Why, I see you a shaving of a baker, when I was a looking through the winder, last week,' said the coal-heaver.
Then the discreet automaton who had surveyed his ground, played a blossomless tuneless 'set,' and sixteen disciples of Podsnappery went through the figures of - 1, Getting up at eight and shaving close at a quarter past - 2, Breakfasting at nine - 3, Going to the City at ten - 4, Coming home at half-past five - 5, Dining at seven, and the grand chain.
The use of oak shavings in the manufacture of wine, a long-decried symbol of winemaking practices in the New World, is to be authorised in the EU.
The committee thus drew a line under a debate that has been raging for more than ten years, validating the legal framework proposed by the European Commission to authorise the use of oak shavings in the manufacture of wine.
Renewed interest in using American black walnut lumber and new processing methods could increase the risk of exposure for horses when wood shavings or residue are used as bedding.
A research paper co-authored by two professors at Purdue University strongly advises against the use of American black walnut wood shavings for animal bedding.
Typically, these occur through exposure of horses to black walnut shavings used at bedding in stalls.
A truck from Reed's Trucking of Springfield carrying a load of wood shavings overturned about 1:30 p.
Because we use wood shavings for our horses' bedding, I decided to try them in the covered litter box in our bathroom.
In our area, a 25-pound bale of wood shavings costs $3.
Arden Wood Shavings, of Hampton in Arden, inherited the old General Chip brand of bedding product for horses when it took over the original manufacturer seven years ago.
Also available is Dark Peppermint Pleasure(TM), which is made with layers of red velvet cake with dark chocolate peppermint ice cream mixed with chocolate shavings covered in ganache and garnished with candy canes.
The absorptive capacity and moisture release rate for shavings of two species commonly used for animal bedding, western redcedar (Thuja plicata) and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) were compared with western juniper (Juniperus occidentalis), a species not commonly used for bedding.
New Coco Mocha Ice Blended is an indulgent medley of coconut shavings, secret recipe coffee extract and Special Dutch(TM) chocolate powder and is decadently finished with swirls of fudge.