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a brush used to apply lather prior to shaving

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I told her the badger hair shaving brush emporium closed in 1972.
All tools or instruments must be sterilised, all gowns should be washed regularly, solid soap, powder puffs, alum blocks or sponges should not be used, shaving brush must only be used for the first lather, once shaving has commenced the brush cannot be used etc.
One angler I knew got round the problem by tying three or four red or purple dyed bristles from a shaving brush on to his shrimp or prawn tackle's treble hook.
In Live and Let Die, Roger Moore's first film, a shaving brush was used to transmit morse code signals to his contact Quarrel.
So we turned to aMenity, a new premium line of skin care products for men, consisting of Hair Raising Badger Shaving Brush ($29), Original Pink Shaving Cream ($19), Ahh .
99 [pounds sterling]), and a bristle shaving brush.
On February 22, he had procured a new shaving brush from Quartermaster stores and used it for the first time on February 25; while shaving, he cut his left cheek slightly, causing free bleeding.
After the Chachi House, wander past mesquite trees, huge stands of bold red lobster claw heliconia, endangered lignum vitae trees (whose unsinkable wood is the only wood in the world sold by the pound), mass plantings of gingers of all colors, shaving brush trees and more palms, including the Hyphaene, whose fruit smells like gingerbread.
Classy porcelain shaving caddy that holds a razor, tweezers, scissors and shaving brush, $150; Nordstrom.
It contains a face wash, scrub and shaving brush, gel and balm, as well as a handy cup to keep it all in.
After warming my face with hot towels, she applied the shaving cream with a traditional barbers' shaving brush.
It is available as part of The Blue Box Gift Set ($100) that also includes After-Shave Balm, Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, and something no man should be without, a BadgerHair Shaving Brush.
With a miniature shaving brush, shaving soap in black alluminium screw top dish and a miniature No 88 aftershave this set is elegant enough to be a museum piece, but high-tech enough to be used everyday.
First of all I use a shaving brush and a special shaving soap from Turkey by the firm Arko.