shatterproof glass

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glass made with plates of plastic or resin or other material between two sheets of glass to prevent shattering

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The model features special steel and reinforced, shatterproof glass for the X5's passenger compartment, which claims to provide secure protection against assault from an AK-47 firearm.
Many of the cameras are recording other machines, other objects: parked cars in the rain, sensor panels, grids of LEDs in dark rooms, warehouse shelving, closed doors of shatterproof glass.
The smartphone looks similar to the Xperia Z and has a scratch-resistant and shatterproof glass.
Heaton traces postwar advances in fly-by-wire technology, all types of radar, microwave ovens, transistors, ejection seats, shatterproof glass, motion sensors, and rocket and jet engines "to World War II and mostly to the night war in Europe" (p.
They are mixing glass and asbestos to produce more efficient insulating materials or researching ways to make better shatterproof glass.
A bank employee who asked not to be identified said the damage and toll would have been worse had guards not protected it and its windows not consisted of shatterproof glass.
The ancients, by and large, tended to shrink from technological innovation: it was the fate of a Roman who invented shatterproof glass, for instance, to be executed by an outraged Tiberius, lest the bottom drop out of the market.
VeriSens[R] smart vision sensors, for use in harsh and demanding end use applications, are equipped with IP69K-rated stainless steel housings, shatterproof glass, special connectors and seals that protect the sensors from damage during high temperature/high pressure washdowns.
The adjectives "first" and "woman" have preceded a number of prominent occupations over the past decades, though a few titles remain beyond a seemingly shatterproof glass ceiling.
In the case of the ZoomSystems machines, products are prominently displayed in a well-lit environment behind shatterproof glass.