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Synonyms for shattering

Synonyms for shattering

the act of breaking something into small pieces


seemingly loud enough to break something

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Check manufacturers' recommendations for cleaners - besides causing shattering, failure to follow these can invalidate guarantees.
After creating mathematical equations to describe this shattering, the researchers found that the breakup of individual drops alone could explain the staggering variety of raindrops.
Little is known about the inheritance of seed shattering in buckwheat because both cultivated buckwheat species F.
Krueger got the call to active duty early last year, and soon found himself patrolling the streets of Baghdad - until the day the bomb went off, shattering his feet.
In 1995, seed yield, seed shattering, 1000-seed weight, germination, and weight and length of panicles were measured from each population in one replicate.
The percentage of pods that dehisce and the amount of seed shattering increases as later-developing pods mature (MacDonald, 1946; Anderson, 1955).
This delayed shattering is very unusual in a brittle material, Green says.
Based out his office in western Boynton Beach, Sabac has perfected WINDOWLOCK, a process that adheres heavy gauge window film to each glass pane - and then secures the film to the window's frame - creating an anchored system that prevents the glass from shattering or from disengaging from the building.
Pleading for his life, Santana tried to get inside Smith's Covello Street home, eventually shattering the front window with his fist and trying to crawl through.
PSR23 is a reduced seed shattering population with low seed dormancy.
Mexico City-Madrid in nine hours and 43 minutes; shattering the
The bullet entered the victim's mouth, hitting several of his teeth before shattering.
Five to 10 minutes later he heard metal scraping at the back sliding glass door and heard glass shattering.
The report suggested that many of the 19 airmen killed in the bombing on June 25 might have been saved had military commanders insisted on a few basic security precautions, including the installation of Mylar sheets over apartment windows to prevent them from shattering in a blast.