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having a sharply pointed nose

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It's not everyone's cup of tea, with the front end sporting almost a leer via the distinctive slanted front headlights and sharp-nosed grille.
It's gum of the chewy variety, designed to camouflage your stinky human breath from those sharp-nosed critters you're stalking.
The tall, sharp-nosed uncrowned queen of Iraq died exhausted, possibly of a barbiturate overdose, and was buried in the British cemetery in Iraq's capital.
In the Bahamas, Gabby and Nigel dove 80 feet into a deep "blue hole," to enter the realm of the elusive sharp-nosed shark.
The front, in contrast, is sharp-nosed and businesslike with a sleek aerodynamic snout and inclined windscreen sloping on to a vast glass roof.
The 12-foot, sharp-nosed dolphin plays a sickening game of keepie-up - headbutting the small porpoise into the air.
Consider the burrowing Vietnamese sharp-nosed snake, collected by U.
As a matter of fact, he looks very much like a sharp-nosed Russian peasant, a self-made inventor who suddenly shaved off his beard and put on an English suit of clothes.
To prevent the sharp-nosed bullets from hitting primers of the cartridge in front them, the case had a deep groove around the inside diameter of the rim so the nose of the bullet behind it caught in the groove and was thus prevented from resting against the primer.
LITTLE Andrew Morton didn't stand a chance the moment a sharp-nosed air gun pellet hit his skull, a court heard yesterday.
Which is why sharp-nosed hacks raised a collective eyebrow when they heard that Mazda's new people carrier - the 5 - is going to start at just pounds 14,500.