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the code of law derived from the Koran and from the teachings and example of Mohammed

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Through his petition, the cleric contended that the only solution to eliminate all evils and challenges in the realms of national security, societal cohesion, national economy, war of terrorism and political instability is to enforce Sharia law.
Sharia law has no jurisdiction in the UK and we would not facilitate or endorse regulation, which could present councils as an alternative to UK laws.
Covering his face with a scarf, Abu Hafs said they wanted the people of Marawi to sacrifice lives and property for ''the total implementation of Sharia Law.
In front of the Trump building in downtown Chicago, about 30 people demonstrated against Sharia law and in favor of President Donald Trump, shouting slogans and holding signs that read "Ban Sharia" and "Sharia abuses women.
UKIP have claimed they wish to ban Sharia Law, which for millions of Muslims is how we live our lives, how we engage with wider societies, how to pray, how to give charity and how to protect human life.
Under Sharia law, homosexuality "is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death," according to (https://www.
During the last three years, the bank has signed five financing contracts with the SFD for small enterprises on traditional systems and formulas compliant with Sharia law, totalling EGP 275m.
Four men who had admitted breaking into a jewellery store and stealing gold jewellery retracted their confessions after a judge warned them they risked having their hands cut off under Sharia Law.
And she warned Sharia law being used to "discriminate against women" was becoming more widespread.
UP'S Urban Development and Minority Affairs Minister Azam Khan has said by asking Hindu families to have 10 kids, Swami Vasudevanand Saraswati has supported the Sharia law of Islam which doesn't preach birth control.
Riyadh, Muharram 3, 1435, Oct 27, 2014, SPA -- Three lawyers who were accused of publishing their opposition to the Saudi judiciary and Sharia law system were today sentenced to different terms of imprisonment.
I AM outraged to find that Sharia Law is being enshrined into the British legal system.
It consists of those called "moderate Islamists" by the media, who propose to reach this goal gradually by electoral and educational means; extremist parties and groups called "salafis," who run for office but also try to enforce some version of Sharia law through street violence; and a much smaller militant wing of salafi-jihadis, whose propaganda endorses military means and who practice violence against civilians.
A global outcry erupted in May after Ishag was sentenced under sharia law to hang for apostasy.