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Synonyms for share

go halves on


  • go halves on
  • divide
  • go fifty-fifty on
  • go Dutch on

share in something


share something out

Synonyms for share

one's proper or expected function in a common effort

to have a share, as in an act or result; have a hand in

Synonyms for share

any of the equal portions into which the capital stock of a corporation is divided and ownership of which is evidenced by a stock certificate

the allotment of some amount by dividing something

the part played by a person in bringing about a result

a sharp steel wedge that cuts loose the top layer of soil

have in common

have, give, or receive a share of

give out as one's portion or share


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Joining Kuh in the conference portion are Rita Gonzalez, Cathy and Mel Po, Peter Kairuz and other speakers and sharers whose insights and testimonies will enhance and empower people's faith in the healing and transformative power of the gospel.
Job sharers, thus, often can continue working among their colleagues in their areas of expertise.
Nearly one in five Internet users will share a video more than once per week; these frequent posters, known as "super sharers," are responsible for more than 80% of all video shares.
But Shakespeare was always, Van Es argues, writing "in company": initially in the literary company of other playwrights, with whose works the early plays are in intertextual dialogue; then in the company of actors when he joined the Lord Chamberlain's Men; then in the closer company of sharers and householders at their new fixed venue, the Globe; and finally again in the company of playwrights through collaboration and (again) intertextual links to the work in particular of Fletcher.
I'd place file sharers on the same level as people who cross a red light.
Sharers can share any magnets via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, e-mail and text, as well as other online formats, the company said.
Located in a quiet area, ideal for families or sharers.
Multivariate logistic regression, using breastfeeding at 12 months as an outcome, found that although 11% of infants overall were still breastfed at 12 months, this differed according to the latent classes: 9% of non-sharers, 14% of late bed-sharers, 19% of early bed-sharers, and 34% of constant bed sharers were breastfeeding at 12 months.
Bed sharing was divided into four groups--nonsharers (66%), early bed sharers (only in infancy) (13%), late bed sharers (after the first year) (15%), and constant bed sharers (throughout the first four years) (6%).
Of those working away from home, Northern Ireland residents are the most-frequent sharers (39%) and Scots the least (23%).
Other car sharers have established long lasting friendships and one car sharer ended being a bridesmaid.
DiyaAAEa Xena and Fadi Hanifa, regular sharers and advocates of Ta3leeleh from Syria in Jordan took initiative and volunteered to direct and manage a Ta3leeleh in Syria.
IFPI (2010) states that in 2009, the proportion of file sharers was around 21% of the Internet users in the top five European markets.
uk said: "These days, landlords are just as likely to have a house full of 30-something flat sharers as they are a group of university students.
Certainly, the car sharers will be able to zip along in the nearside lane.