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Synonyms for shareholder

someone who holds shares of stock in a corporation

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A slew of court cases and rulings were issued on an S shareholder's adjusted basis for loss purposes.
Redemption agreements, for example, can call for a sale of less than 100% of a shareholder's interest in a company (as when an active shareholder wants to retire but maintain a reduced interest).
Under the terms of the merger, CIP(r) shareholders received a special cash distribution of $3 per share and, in addition, the choice of either another $10.90 in cash or 1.09 shares of CPA(r):15.
274(a)(1)(A) disallows an S corporation's deductions for expenses of providing corporate aircraft for personal use by shareholders or employees, where these expenses exceed the value of flights included in these individuals' incomes under the methodology prescribed by Regs.
A true entrepreneur, he multiplied the value of The Boston Company; founded Institutional Shareholder Services, the for-profit shareholder advocacy group, and sold it at a gain; and also founded the activist Lens Fund, which did so well that George Soros invested alongside him.
Changes in the shareholder ownership dynamics coupled with the uncertain availability of shareholder records have seemingly opened opportunities for "diverse" procedure interpretation.
There are a plethora of options, from co-filing a resolution (if you own $2,000 of stock) and voting your proxies (ballots mailed to every shareholder) to writing letters to the CEO.
How to win votes and influence board members is a lesson in shareholder activism applied for years by religious groups, labor unions and investor organizations.
Thus, the premiums paid by the S corporation are deductible as compensation to the 2% shareholder and should be included in his or her Form W-2.
This year's proxy season started with an enormous bang when more than 45 percent of shareholder votes cast at The Walt Disney Co.
If a partnership or S corp changes its tax year to a permitted year, a partner or shareholder may be required to include in gross income in a single year income and expense items from more than one year of the partnership or corporation.
853 to pass through to shareholders foreign taxes paid or incurred.
Regardless of how it was done, SL Green was this week welcoming the news of the shareholder approval.
However, the 2004 Tax Act increased the limit to 100 shareholders for tax years beginning after 2004.