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Synonyms for share

go halves on


  • go halves on
  • divide
  • go fifty-fifty on
  • go Dutch on

share in something


share something out

Synonyms for share

one's proper or expected function in a common effort

to have a share, as in an act or result; have a hand in

Synonyms for share

any of the equal portions into which the capital stock of a corporation is divided and ownership of which is evidenced by a stock certificate

the allotment of some amount by dividing something

the part played by a person in bringing about a result

a sharp steel wedge that cuts loose the top layer of soil

have in common

have, give, or receive a share of

give out as one's portion or share


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For further information about Bakkafrost's share savings plan, see
EVP Production Tove Andersen purchased 1,173 LTIP shares. Following this purchase she owns 7,819 Yara shares.
USD 0.177825 per share on paid-up Class B Preferred Shares Series 26;
Reportedly, Citycon's board of directors will propose this reverse share split to the Annual General Meeting to be held on 13 March 2019.
###Rs###% Share###Rs###% Share###Rs###% Share###Rs###% Share###Rs###% Share
Using the definition provided by Investopedia, a rights offering is an issue of rights to existing shareholders that entitle them to buy additional shares in proportion to their existing holdings at a predetermined price as of a predetermined date (which is a day before the ex-date).
World Series Champions San Francisco Giants (Share of Players' Pool: $19,764,779.19; value of each full share: $317,631.29) -- The Giants awarded 50 full shares, 9.89 partial shares and 5 cash awards.
Figure 01 :Shares of Nationalities in Value of Shares Bought (DEC) Figure 02: Share of Nationalities in Value of Shares Sold (Dec.) Source: Kuwait Stock Exchange Source: Kuwait Stock Exchange
4, Jerry Walton, chief financial officer, sold 25,000 shares at $30.91 a share valued at $772,750.
Investors were rewarded with a 2-for-1 stock split in February, and shares doubled in value on a split-adjusted basis.
CEO Steve Jobs voluntarily turned in 55 million stock options, with a weighted average exercise price of $18.31, in exchange for 10 million restricted shares worth $74.5 million (based on a $7.45 share price).
On February 27, 2004, the Board approved an application submitted by 1st United Bank, Boca Raton, Florida, to merge with First Western by purchasing First Western shares for $17 per share.
* TO FOLLOW THE FAIR VALUE METHOD, most companies will have to use an option-pricing model to estimate the fair value of employee share options.
Those who share in Christ's suffering will also rejoice in his consolation.
* numerous changes to specific reorganization provisions to prevent the creation of surplus on mergers, liquidations, share redemptions, dividends-in-kind, returns of capital, and other transactions, unless the taxpayer elects FAPI treatment of the income or gain;