shaping machine

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a machine tool for shaping metal or wood

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On other occasions, these enabled the product innovations, such as the range of opportunities provided by the shaping machine. This mutual impact confirms the findings of Damanpour and Costa et al.
This action is via a slotted link or Whitworth link Working of shaping machine with Stirling engine
The ST40A is a totally upgraded version of the ST40, a revolutionary helical gear shaping machine requiring no helical guide(3) for each workpiece - a feat achieved through the world's first application of NC technology to torsional motion during the cutting of helical gears.
The gear shaping machine includes a standard movable saddle, which means that combined with the comparatively long stroke, a wide range of fixturing solutions are possible.
A computer-controlled shaping machine, the MultiCam CNC router can cut large shapes or tiny details for consistent, high quality finished products.
MHI will present its "MVR30," a double-column 5-face milling machine, and two gear machines: the "SE25A," a dry-cut gear shaping machine, and the "ZE40A," a universal gear grinding machine capable of numerically controlled (NC) high-precision machining of post-heat treatment gears.