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develop in a positive way

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Yet in a 2003 internal e-mail message discussing promotional copy for his Shape Up supplements, McGraw wrote: ".
As host of the multi-city Shape Up America Bus Tour, Austin served as a brand ambassador, promoting the benefits of Shape-ups to the press and consumers alike.
Skechers Shape Ups, pounds 90 The trainers, below, have been designed to change the way you walk.
The New Jersey-based manufacturer of Luigi's, Mama Tish's, Shape Ups, Minute Maid and Barq's and Chill frozen juice bars and ices, Whole Fruit sorbet, and Fruit-A-Freeze frozen fruit bars has announced today that its Board of Directors has declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $.
J & J's principal products include Superpretzel, Pretzel Fillders, and other soft pretzels; Icee and Arctic Blast frozen beverages; Luigi's, Mama Tish's, Shape Ups, and other frozen juice bars and ices, Tio Pepe's churros, The Funnel Cake Factory funnel cakes; and several cookie brands.