shank's pony

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you own legs

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There will be greater emphasis on transport and manufacturing reflecting the fact that back in those days the reliance for longer distance travel was public transport and, for shorter distance, shank's pony.
Nor did many of our parents have cars, so we usually took shank's pony to school.
And the obesity problem will evaporate, so to speak, as most people will find that Shank's Pony is either the cheapest or the only way to go, as our American pack leaders might intone.
Another sort of transport - this time by shank's pony - will be celebrated at the Priory Visitor Centre where pilgrims will be looked at on both days and tours led of the fantastic priory undercroft.
Caine is keen to encourage budding young riders, and was impressed with Wharfe when the 18-year-old, who is attached to Terry Caldwell's Warrington yard, rode Shank's Pony for him at Market Rasen in August.
It means people from the south wanting to reach the business quarter have to use Shank's pony from Paradise Street, apart from a few morning peak hour buses which are routed along Dale Street.