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Synonyms for shank

a cut of meat (beef or veal or mutton or lamb) from the upper part of the leg

the part of the human leg between the knee and the ankle

cylinder forming a long narrow part of something

cylinder forming the part of a bolt between the thread and the head

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cylinder forming the part of a bit by which it is held in the drill

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the narrow part of the shoe connecting the heel and the wide part of the sole


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lower part of the leg extending from the hock to the fetlock in hoofed mammals

a poor golf stroke in which the heel of the club hits the ball

hit (a golf ball) with the heel of a club, causing the ball to veer in the wrong direction

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The spur (the chicken's protective weapon) grows out of the shank.
Well, for starters, know that a typical whitetail deer shank is a perfect single serving.
The results of binary logistic regression analysis showed that only increase in difference of width in left and right shank caused significant change (p=0.
Siebert Brandford Shank, which is 49% owned by Muriel Siebert & Co.
Tony Matijevich, President of Creative Bus Sales said, “We're happy to welcome Jeff Shank to the Creative Bus Sales team.
Shank titled his pilgrimage "On the margins," which well expresses both his theory and his practice.
Add the rosemary, thyme, stock and redcurrant jelly, pour over the lamb shanks and then place in the oven for 1.
Reduce heat, return shanks to skillet and cover with
The split sole increases flexibility while the full-length rod board shank provides stability, it's the ideal situation for dancers who crave lighty-shanked shoes.
To handle a 50" web, most pressroom modifications that Shank listed involve the formers and folder: former boards must be narrowed and brought together; a narrower pedestal may be needed; changes probably will have to be made to handwheels and the carriage; new cross-association gears and brackets may be needed on both sides of a folder; expansion boards on a 3:2 folder must be moved to the right width; folding cylinder pins will have to be moved or removed; untimed second fold rollers that are not undercut will need no change, but those that are untimed and undercut or timed and not adjustable must be replaced; delivery conveyor belts probably will have to be respaced.
If he was telling everyone that for every long position he was short somewhere else to arbitrage his risk, the bank should have seen that by looking at the back end of all his trades," Shank points out.
Cover barbecue, open vents, and cook until shank bottoms are browned, about 10 minutes.
Shank added, "Our general goal will be to develop management accounting techniques that can help businesses attain competitive advantages.
Heat the vegetable oil in a Dutch oven and brown the shanks on every side except the one with the "shin," where the bone shows clearly--if you brown this part, the shank is more likely to fall apart before you want it to.