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Synonyms for shameless

Synonyms for shameless

characterized by or done without shame

Synonyms for shameless

feeling no shame


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The hardened shameless depravity of the whole composition, from beginning to end--the atrocious perversity of mind which persistently associated me with a calamity for which I was in no sense answerable, and with a death which I had risked my life in trying to avert--so disgusted me, that I was on the point of tearing the letter, when a consideration suggested itself which warned me to wait a little before I destroyed it.
But now she quite gave up all effort, now it was a grin, a broad grin; there was something shameless, provocative in that quite unchildish face; it was depravity, it was the face of a harlot, the shameless face of a French harlot.
NO OFFENCE (Channel 4, Tuesday, 9pm) SHAMELESS writer Paul Abbott thinks his new crime drama is filling a gap in the TV market.
The creator of Shameless, Paul Abbott, is back with more TV gold which once again mixes family drama, social mayhem and black comedy.
New series NO OFFENCE Tue C4 9pm The creator of Shameless, Paul Abbott, is back with more TV gold which once again mixes family drama, social mayhem and black comedy.
Career: McAvoy made guest appearances in a steady stream of TV shows (including The Bill, Band of Brothers, Foyle's War, State of Play and Early Doors) and movies until he caught the British public's imagination in 2004 playing Steve McBride in Shameless.
To mark the occasion, and because there's no bad reason to get dressed up, the quiz teams wore Shameless masks as a nod to Tina's famous feisty character Mimi.
I SHOULD warn you that this week's web watch is a shameless plug.
This week we chat to Shameless actress Tina Malone about becoming a mum at 50 and her life after Shameless.
Tuff and Shameless take to the stage at the Moorings Bar as part of the spandex-clad double-bill.
In SHAMELESS (Rodale: January 18, 2011), Madsen reveals how she jumps the rail, tries unconventional hands-on sex therapists who help her “explore her desires all within the bounds of her monogamous marriage.
SHAMELESS star Aaron McCusker is set to quit the TV show that made him famous, we can reveal.
Shameless (Channel 4, 10pm) THE latest episode showcases what is best about this genuine television icon, as it examines brutal issues with a deft and inspired touch, without attempting to tell its viewers what to think.
Summary: Desperate Housewife star Felicity Huffman and her husband US Shameless actor William H Macy sing at the ceremony in Hollywood.
Latham, best known as Phillip "Lip" Gallagher in Shameless, was also questioned in connection with an assault and possession of an offensive weapon.