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Synonyms for shamefacedness

feeling embarrassed about yourself


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I thought I could even detect a certain shamefacedness in the General's glance.
It was not confusion that kept them silent, for they both felt that parting was near, and there is no shamefacedness in a sad parting.
Mademoiselle Cormon, from a sense of shamefacedness, dared not look at the terrible seducer.
Thereafter, with a return to shamefacedness and confusion, he passed suddenly to the statement that a man ought to conduct himself properly; that, should he not do so, it might be taken as a sign that he was in some way overindulging himself; and that evil tendencies of this sort led to the man's ruin and degradation.
In a nutshell, then, for Fordyce shamefacedness is "an ornament necessary and wise" (Fordyce, Sermon III, 45); sobriety "is a sort of vesture entirely void of show" (Fordyce, Sermon IV, 60); and meekness becomes "a timidity peculiar to your sex" (Fordyce, Sermon XIII, 161).