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Synonyms for shamed

showing a sense of guilt

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suffering shame

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And the words, on my lips, were not hypocritical, for I felt reprimanded and shamed.
It was as if it would have shamed him that a character so associated with his own should triumphantly succeed in just skulking, should to the end not risk the open; so that the drop of this danger was, on the spot, a great lift of the whole situation.
Instead of stalking down the rugged path we ascended, we chose one which was bedded knee-deep in loose ashes, and ploughed our way with prodigious strides that would almost have shamed the performance of him of the seven-league boots.
I think the very strife of trade and ambition are confession of this divinity; and successes in those fields are the poor amends, the fig-leaf with which the shamed soul attempts to hide its nakedness.
Thou canst refuse it, or even those cowards who fled to-day will hold thee shamed.
She called in Zaleshoff and Keller, and showed me to them, shamed me in their presence.
La, thou dost make me shamed to speak so to me in this solitary place, no one being by, and yet if thou wilt have me say so, I do love thee as thou lovest me.
They were just in time to see another figure standing against a pedestal near the reclining marble: a breathing blooming girl, whose form, not shamed by the Ariadne, was clad in Quakerish gray drapery; her long cloak, fastened at the neck, was thrown backward from her arms, and one beautiful ungloved hand pillowed her cheek, pushing somewhat backward the white beaver bonnet which made a sort of halo to her face around the simply braided dark-brown hair.
You fair shamed me before the neighbours, and yet I was windy, too.
He was shamed by his weakness, and when he had handed the paper she had given him to the British chief of staff, even though the information it contained permitted the British to frustrate a German flank attack, he was still much dissatisfied with himself.
Throat, cheeks, and forehead flamed with the rush of the shamed blood.
You have shamed me, sir, in the presence of my mother, in the hearing of my child--"
Employers who have failed to pay their workers the National Minimum Wage have been named and shamed.
As Chair of the Weight Bias Committee, I know individuals, especially children, are often targeted and shamed for their weight.
So You've Been Publicly Shamed follows the author as he traveled the world for three years, meeting recipients of famous public shamings.