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Synonyms for shame

Synonyms for shame

a great disappointment or regrettable fact

to cause to feel embarrassment, dishonor, and often guilt


to damage in reputation

Synonyms for shame

a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt

an unfortunate development


Related Words

bring shame or dishonor upon

compel through a sense of shame

surpass or beat by a wide margin

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The use of stigma and shame in public health campaigns .
Moreover, shame, a lack of self-confidence, and low self-esteem can negatively impact how people view their ability to affect change, sustaining a perception of inadequacy that can be debilitating and trap them in poverty.
Similar contradictions are evident at Success Academy: Its training materials instruct teachers never to yell at children, "use a sarcastic, frustrated tone," "give consequences intended to shame children," or "speak to a child in a way they wouldn't in front of the child's parents" (Taylor, 2016).
Perfectionistic concerns will be positively associated with the three subtypes of shame that will be positively associated with TTM in both samples.
According to Tangney and Dearing (2002), people can confuse shame with other self-conscious emotions such as guilt and embarrassment.
People escape or numb their shame in different ways.
Theoretically, the shame regulation styles assessed by the CoSS are based on Nathanson's (1992) compass of shame model, which includes attack self, attack other, withdrawal, and avoidance styles.
Empirical research consistently demonstrates a relationship between shame and psychological symptoms in individuals (Andrews, 1995; Gramzow & Tangney, 1992; Hoblitzelle, 1987; H.
Shame is now to be understood less as an imperative moral force than as a superfluous psychological burden, the disabling and pleasure-squelching product of punitive childrearing and ignorant religious beliefs.
Across her novels, Austen fashions shame as a valuable mediator between sentimental absorption and what she terms, in Northanger Abbey, "affected indifference.
MY FIRST EXPERIENCE OF SHAME came in the aftermath of my parents' divorce at the age of eight.
It's a personal account of not only those who have been publicly shamed, but others who use shame as a method of social control, and it offers some powerful commentary on secrets, shame, violence, and most of all, how people can find a way out of shame.
Participants completed the following measures through a secured website: the Revised Religious Fundamentalism Scale (Altemeyer & Hunsberger, 2004), Spiritual Assessment Inventory (Hall & Edwards, 1996), and The Shame Inventory (Rizvi, 2010).
Voigt's other comment is that there are two quite different routes through which zoning laws can shame or stigmatize smokers into quitting: directly, by temporarily shunning them from a certain geographical zone, and indirectly, by denormalizing smoking and provoking many instances of grass root social disapproval of smoking and of smokers.
The individual who fails to take revenge on the killer of a clansman brings shame upon himself (makes him a woman) and weakens his clan, inviting more open aggression.