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of or relating to shamanism


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The construction of a modern skyscraper can begin with shamanist rituals calling for protection and success.
Shamanist, neither a feel fez nor boy o' bronze flee far--eh, Tientsin amahs?
Despite the conceptual dimness the object and center of gravity of medicine from the earliest Shamanist to Renaissance medicine was the patient qua human, not any particular altered aspect or component of the patient (6).
(13) Islam remained the major cultural identification in that region, while other parts of the world permanently dominated by Mongols formed the political organism known as Mongolia, where Buddhist theocracy was introduced in 1911, when the country gained its independence (Tulisow 2007:14); nevertheless, the shamanist and animistic religious beliefs entered the cultural imaginary so permanently that the ideas about the sky and earth gods continued even in modernity, in the twentieth century when anthropologists and ethnographers directed their attention to the Tartar world.
Religions (2010): Buddhist Lamaism 53%, Muslim 3% (primarily in the southwest), shamanist and Christian 5%, other 0.4% and none 38.6%.
Zalmoxian (or sometimes called "Zamolxian") groups and organizations promote the revival of Romanian spirituality through a process of reconnection to its ancient, supposedly Dacian and Thracian roots; similarly, Hungarian Shamanist movements are aimed at recovering a supposedly lost spirituality, built-in into the deepest layers of Hungarian language and cultural practices.
Humphrey, Caroline, 1995, "Chiefly and Shamanist Landscapes in Mongolia," in Michael Hirsch, and Eric O'Hanlon, eds., The Anthropology of Landscape: Perspectives on Place and Space, Oxford: Clarendon, pp.
Young-Jae explores the concept of ritual whether throwing ceramics on a wheel or the act of offering cups often filled with wine in shamanist and Confucian rites.
With its blend of Shamanist and Tibetan Buddhist art and culture against a breathtaking backdrop of golden steppes, Mongolia has become an exciting travel destination.
Her goal during five expeditions was to photography the 'ovoos', shamanist stone markers found scattered across the vast Mongolian deserts.
Anthropologists, historians, political scientists, and others discuss tensions within and between communities of Orthodox and other Christians, Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims, Jews from persecution to revival, cultural variations of Buddhism, Burkhanism and Falun Gong, and syncretism and revival in traditional shamanist worldviews.
The yohor dance is also performed during shamanist rituals, as a means of raising spiritual energy to help carry the shaman to the heavens.
The 19th-century palette will be augmented by shamanist chant from Siberia and the sufi-inflected healing music of the Egyptian Zar, the Gregorian chant of medieval Europe and contemporary Gospel music from Soweto.
Price again observed ceremonies in which both Buddhist and shamanist practices combined.
Tengir-Too's repertoire includes recitations from the Manas Epic (which they say contains the entire ethnography, history and philosophy of the Kyrgyz), traditional melodies and songs from the nomadic shamanist culture and songs inspired by Sufi poetry.